Digital Services

Website (5-Page)*
Does not include web-hosting, domain name registration or specialty WordPress themes*

  • Complete WordPress installation; including specialty theme
  • Adding navigation, menus, sidebar, logo ^
  • Formatting of 5 content pages (5 images/page)

(additional billed at $75 per page)

  • Configure Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google+ share/tweet buttons
  • Add ‘contact page’ with compliant WP plugin
  • Integrate Google+ button on pages & posts
  • Install and configure SEO plugin
  • 1st Year Directory Listing is Free

*Owner must pay annual web-host, domain & theme license costs.
^Logo design not included – All websites are ‘mobile-ready’ in order to maximize your online business presence!

Business Video Promotional

Video is now #1 when it comes to educating prospective buyers on your business and your brand. It has one of the highest conversion rates for purchases and having a video on your website and your business profile in our directory greatly increases your propensity to come up on the 1st page of a search on Google.

Social Media Fanpage Setup

  • Consult in creating ‘Business Page’ under your personal account.
  • Work as temporary ‘Page Admin’ to choose category, add profile and banner picture, and descriptive and keyword-rich information on the ‘About’ page,
  • Add appropriate sections i.e. YouTube, Shopping Cart, etc,
  • Integration of a Blog to your Facebook page

(allows you to simultaneously repost content to Facebook and other common social networks via email)

    Twitter Setup:
  • Add your business logo, photo
  • Link Twitter feeds to your business Facebook site
  • Add color scheme or background to Twitter profile

We can also setup YouTube Channels, LinkedIn accounts, etc for your business or nonprofit…

IBSA Web Design Services

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Online Business Development Resources

SER MUJER Program focusing on women’s empowerment in the United States

SER MUJER, is a completely free online program. This extremely advantageous resource can be used by anyone that is interested in starting their own small business or is simply seeking out information on the subject.

SER encourages everyone to utilize this amazing resource!

The program does NOT require any eligibility such as income, age, etc… It will provide FREE online modules in the following fields:

1. Create your Business Plan
2. Organization
3. Financing
4. Marketing
5. Sole Proprietorship
6. Business Structure: Cooperative & Corporation
7. Business Structure: Partnership & S Corporation
8. Chose and Register your Business
9. Obtain Business License and Permit
10. Learn about Business Laws and Regulations

Registration is completely FREE!

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