The Star Discount Program offers State of Kansas employees an opportunity to take advantage of product and service discounts offered by various vendors throughout the state.

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About US Small Business Directory

If you're looking to increase your business ranking on search engines like Google or to better market your presence across top social media networks, you've come to the right place. Business listings in our online directories consistently rank within the Top-20 on Google when searching for a specific business; by product/service & location... Kansas businesses are added to this directory for Free, and will remain in this directory as long as that paid listing is maintained. A New business listings information is added to Google Maps if needed and are provided the option of having a short introductory video (30-60 seconds) produced during signup; which will be shared on our Facebook Page as a 'PAID' advertisement for one-week. We offer this in appreciation of your support and in order to increase likes to your business Facebook page and/or traffic to your website.